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be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13: Too much power?

For what setup?
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Published on May 24, 2023
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Today, we are looking at the spearhead diet of be quiet!, namely the Dark Power Pro 13. A top-of-the-line model, which arrives with an aluminum chassis, 135mm Silent Wings fan, 80 Plus Titanium certification, modded cables, 1300 watts of power and a 10 year warranty. years. A block that lands at 409 euros on the market. Let's see what the latter gives, it's right away, it's now, in our columns.

The be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 in this 1300 watt version is simply a monster, it measures 150 x 200 x 86 mm and its weight is 2499 gr. It's big, it's heavy, just like in terms of design and finishes. The brand offers us a chassis entirely in brushed aluminum which is tooouuuttteeee bbbeeeauuuuttt����, with marks that are discreet. On top of the block, there is a large mesh grid for high breathability. Below this grille we have a 135 mm Silent Wings fan which is mounted on a frameless support and equipped with worked edges to channel the flow as well as possible while reducing noise pollution as much as possible. Be quiet! SO !!! The left side presents the specs of the block, while the front part integrates the connectors for the modular cables of the block, but also for the OC Key which will make it possible to pass from multi to mono rail on the 12 volt. Note that we have two 12VHPWR connectors... At the back, we have a very elaborate grid, still with aluminum, the AC/IN and a switch. Speaking of cables, be quiet! offers us two finishes with this DDP13. We have strand by strand sheathed cables for almost all of the cables, only the two 12 VHPWR are nylon sheathed. We want to say that it's a shame that the two 12VHPWR is not entitled to the same treatment. On the side of the Bundle, you will have the user manual, classic screws, hand screws, collars, scratches, the OC Key and your 220v cable.

The Dark Power Pro 13 1300 watts offers 80 Plus Titanium certification and Fully digital control and Active Rectifier + full bridge LLC. We also find all the necessary protections such as OVP/UVP/OCP/OPP/OTP and SCP. On the rails, be quiet! offers a 3.3 v of 25 A, a 5 v of 25 A and 6 12 volt rails including two at 35A, two at 40A and two at 55A, for 1300 watts on 12 volts.

At the level of the connectors, we find, on different strands from about 60 to 105 cm:

1 connector
24-pin power supply

2 connector
4-pin power supply

2 connector
8-pin power supply

5 connectors
MOLEX power supply

6/6 connectors
PCI-Express 6/8 Pin power supply

2 connector
PCI-Express 5.0 power supply

17 connectors
SATA power supply

0 connector
Floppy feeder

10-year warranty, high power, high connectivity and price of 409 � for this model.

Brand: be quiet!
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